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TMS Blueprinted LS bare block w/ Darton sleeves 4.125-4.155"
TMS Blueprinted LS bare block w/ Darton sleeves 4.125-4.155"
Warranty, Returns & Break-In Policies Warranty & Returns Policy

Warranty Information
To obtain the warranty you must submit a onetime payment of $199 for all wet sump engines and $399 for dry sump engines. Blocks with a standard deck height using a 4.125” stroke will not be covered under warranty (This is because we have found that long stroke cranks develop an oscillation at higher RPM’s that tend to take out main bearings).
This will cover the engine for one year and unlimited miles. This does not ever include shipping and removal and installation. No exceptions.
If the engine is purchased from a dealer who has not purchased the warranty, the customer has 5 business days to call Thompson Motorsports to purchase the warranty separate after they have purchased from a Thompson Motorsports Dealer. This is only for engines that have not been installed.
Warranties are non transferable. Once ownership of the engine transfers to someone other than original buyer; the warranty is voided.
Short blocks will come with an oil pump in the crate not installed
Long blocks will come with an oil pump installed
Coverage Includes:
• Manufacturing defect
• Workmanship problems
• Examples (Broken crankshaft, broken rods, spun bearings)
Coverage does not include:
• Broken or melted pistons
• Foreign objects in engine
• Multiple bent rods (hydro lock or over boost)
• Lifted heads/blown head gaskets
• Torched components
We strive to send the best products available at all times however if you should discover a problem with a product you have received please bring it to our attention ASAP (Within 5 days of receiving product). At that time we will work to get the product replaced in a timely manner. We will NOT ship you any new products until the original has been returned to Thompson Motorsports for inspection. You must have written permission from TMS for any returns. Any damaged or defective products will be replaced. Engine and Engine Package returns will be subject to a 25% restocking fee. All other product returns are subject to a 10% restocking fee.
If a there is a problem with a TMS motor you MUST bring it to our attention within7 days of problem. Repairs made without written consent from TMS are not authorized, will not be reimbursed and will void all warranties written and implied.
No questions asked warranty
We offer a no questions asked warranty that is 25% of the cost of the engine is good for one year from the date the engine is shipped or picked up. With this warranty, we will repair or replace the engine no matter what type of damage it has taken. This can be used 1 time within the 12 months. This does not include shipping or removal and installation. Please call for questions or if you would like to purchase this warranty.
If no warranty is chosen, the engine will not be covered in any way once it has been received.
First Start And Break In
Once motor is installed do the following:
1. Fill with Valvoline conventional VR1 20-50w Motor oil (this works best with high HP big cam motors, DO NOT use thin full synthetic fluids)
2. With coil packs and injectors UN plugged turn key to start position and allow motor to turn over for 6-10seconds.
3. Stop and wait 20 seconds
4. Repeat steps 2-3 10 times, This will allow motor oil to work its waythrough the motor.
5. Re attach coil packs and injectors
6. Flash your base tune in the vehicle to allow the motor to safely start and run
7. Check all fluid levels (motor oil and coolant)
8. Start vehicle and allow to run 1000-1200RPM for 3-4min
9. Allow vehicle to idle and check ATF if applicable
Driving Your Vehicle
Make sure to follow these steps during the first 500 miles
1. For the first 500 miles you will be in a “break in period” it is normal to burnmore oil than before during this time as your rings will be seating.
2. *ALWAYS allow engine to warm up before putting motor under load even once the motor is broken in. Metal wears 7x faster when it is cold, Your high performance valvesprings are not designed to work at high load when cold.
3. Keep RPM below 5500RPM
4. Very RPM during break in period for 500 miles, Do not just set RPM and drive. You need to be accelerating and decelerating on the motor constantly.
5. After 500 miles change oil and again use Valvoline 20-50w conventional motor oil with an AC delco ph-46(97-06) or ph-48(07-12) Check owners manual for filter to make sure.
6. IF IN DOUBT CONTACT THOMPSON MOTORSPORTS AT 972-853-0518. It is easier to answer a question than it is to break a good engine.
7. Enjoy your TMS engine and components. Keep in mind, a lean engine or detonation is an easy way to break a good engine. You MUST keep proper fuel and timing in your motor. We are not responsible for damage due to tuning issues or lack of good judgement.
Attached is the tune you will need. Please follow instructions below onceyou have saved the file to your computer. Remember the file you saved it in.
1. Open Hp tuners editor
2. in the top left corner click the folder icon, This will open your computer files.
3. Click on 465HP camaro 02 tune and it will load to the laptop in vcm editor
4. plug obdII port in to your vehicle
5. turn your ignition to the on position
6. in the center of the top row click on the small circuit board with the red arrow(write calibrate only).
7. it will ask if you are sure, click begin, This will take about 1 min. to load.
8. once loaded click close on the load screen.
Scanning vehicle
1. Open Hp tuners vcm scanner
2. Click histogram key in top left corner, will look like 3 squiggly lines runningparallel and horizontal.
3. Click the play button in the top center of the screen.
4. Start the car, on first start up it is normal to be a little tough as it learns theIAC but should smooth out by the 2nd or 3rd start after idleing.
5. Allow the car to idle for a few min. to oil motor and pump up lifters. (allwaysallow car to warm up before putting under load, This will greatly increase thelife of the motor)
6. Drive vehicle under normal driving conditions.
7. Click stop button next to play button.
8. Click the save button (looks like old hard disc) in the top left hand corner.
9. Save file to a known location.
10. Send saved file back to with adiscription of what you have noticed while driving.
Feel free to call with any questions.
Thank you,
Thompson Motorsports

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